Emergency Wasp Nest Removal Des Plaines IL

Wasp Extermination Des Plaines ILWasps come in many different types – nesting in attics, under eaves, in retaining walls, even in the ground. Like bees, wasp colonies can become large with time and pose a threat to your property and health. If wasps invade your attic, they may go through the drywall and eventually swarm you home. That’s where we come in – to provide swift treatment and extermination of wasps and to protect both you and your property from future invasions.

There are species of social wasps that live in colonies and there are also solitary ones. With the social category, colonies have female workers that do everything within their nests. Most wasps are aggressive and will sting anyone who threatens their nest. And unlike honey bees, wasps are capable of stinging multiple times in a row.

Licensed Wasp Treatment and Extermination

The signs of wasp infestation in and around your property depend on the species, but of course the most common one is the wasp nest. Remove the nest – get rid of the wasps. But dealing with these stinging insects is not that easy, can be extremely frustrating and sometimes even scary. And no matter how eager you are to get rid of the wasp invasion, you must never attempt to solve this problem on your own, unless you have the proper training and equipment.

This leads to the conclusion that the most appropriate way to drive the wasps away from your house is by seeking the help of professional wasp nest removal service. Our wasp exterminators are certified and have all the necessary know-how on the safest and most efficient solution to this pest problem. We cover all ZIP codes in Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Elk Grove Village and Niles.

It’s Better to Work With a Local Pest Control Company

  • Ordinary bug sprays don’t work: There is no way you can kill an entire wasp nest with store-bought can of Raid. Actually, you will be lucky if you happen to kill 4 to 5 wasps out of the thousands that might be living in the hive. And not to mention the possibility to be aggressively attacked by the wasps while you spray their nest
  • Proper equipment is a must: We use specialized clothing and equipment that ensures faster and more thorough removal of the nests, as well as increased safety
  • Training and experience are everything: Even if you have the necessary equipment, there is still the risk for you to be badly stung. A more experienced professional knows how to deal with the situation faster, no matter where the nest is located or how large it is