Testimonials and Feedback

  • Stacy Beaudoin, Elk Grove Village IL

    Well, having pets almost always leads to getting fleas inside the home. When I found out, I called All Pests Gone, got a reasonable quote and booked a flea treatment. The exterminating team came in the moment’s notice, treated everything and scheduled a second visit after two weeks. One month later – no signs of flea infestation. Thanks guys 😉

  • Leona Searles, Des Plaines IL

    We’ve been hearing scurrying around the house at night and something had to be done. I booked this pest control team to inspect the damage of the rodent. After a detailed assessment of the situation the verdict was – we had rats in the attic. The technicians showed us the entry points and sealed them. No rat have re-opened the sealing and we’ve been good ever since.

  • Martha Reyes, Des Plaines IL

    A great overall experience. Starting with the phone call up until the full completion of the job. Got an instant quote and answers about my pest problems. Booked an appointment for the next day to treat the bed bugs and a guaranteed service for the extra follow-up visits. Now my bedroom is bite-free. Highly recommended!

  • Mary Schultz, Niles IL

    We had to move into my grandparents old house and found lots of wasps in the laundry room. There were also a couple of wasp nests on the fences and under the eaves. We tried to spray them every day – no results. So we called All Pests Gone. The pest control team came right on time, listened to our concerns and explained the treatment process. Well, glad we called them – no new wasp nests around the house ever since.

  • Ervin Lorenz, Park Ridge IL

    We hired All Pests Gone to address a vole problem. Turns out it was moles. As we didn’t want our garden to become an even bigger disaster, we asked the team to set traps. A few days later we got two moles and no sign of any other critters ever since.