Quick Mice Extermination and Rat Removal in Des Plaines IL

Mice and Rats Extermination Des Plaines ILWhile there is a variety of different species of rodents, the most common ones that you can find hiding in your home are mice and rats. They are typically small to medium size social critters. And because they reproduce very quickly, there will be often more than one hiding in your walls or ceilings.

Mice and rats usually become more of a problem during the colder months because it’s harder for them to find food and shelter. Most often, our own habits are what attracts these rodents inside our homes. Stuff like open boxes of food or crumbs that were not cleaned up always bring mice and rats running. They will also make their nests out of things we leave, such as paper sheets, cardboard and old clothes.

We Exterminate Mice and Rats With Experience and Know-How

Mice and rats can be extremely hard for homeowners to handle on their own because of their stealth and fast feet. Thus, when dealing with a rodent situation, it’s always a better idea to hire a professional pest control company that offers mice extermination and rat removal.

And we don’t just offer to exterminate these little rodents. We also offer a thorough inspection of your property to make sure all potential entry points are sealed and blocked to prevent any future mice or rat infestations. In case you’re already suffering from a mice, rat or any other rodent problem, call us on (847) 450-0354 now and we’ll help you solve it in an instant. We cover all ZIP codes in Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Elk Grove Village and Niles.

Mice and Rats Habitat, Habits and Behavior

Mice are nocturnal animals. They have a keen sense of hear, smell, taste and touch, however their vision is poor. They use these heightened senses to constantly explore and learn about their surroundings, to memorize pathways and food source places. As the outside temperature drops, mice seek warmer living areas, including your home. They choose safe hiding places to build their nests of soft materials like leaves, paper and grass.

Rats reproduce rapidly and are most known for their agility, climbing to higher places and damaging houses by gnawing on hard surfaces and even electrical wires. They often prefer to live in the attics, basements or small crawl spaces between walls. Rats love to eat grain products, such as breads and cereals, and will jump, climb and swim if necessary to reach the desired food source.