Humane Garden Mole Trapping and Removal in Des Plaines IL

Garden Mole Extermination Des Plaines ILMoles can be found in a range of habitats – farmlands, grasslands, woodlands and both urban and suburban areas. They create long and intricate system of tunnels with relative ease thanks to their efficient claws. Entrances to these tunnels are easily identified due to the mounds (mole hills) that appear above them.

Although garden moles prefer to eat insects, earthworms and grubs, they can cause severe damage to your lawn and backyard in the form of underground tunnels and mounds. Their activity can disturb root systems and even provide easy travel lanes for other pesky rodents around your property.

The Three Most Common Garden Mole Control Techniques

Garden moles colonize an area very quickly, especially if they have the necessary time to build their network of tunnels. They also move from area to area on large properties because of food supply, changes in climate and ground moisture. Thus making them one of the most challenging wildlife animals to control. Here are the three most common garden mole control techniques:

  • Using baits: Using earthworm-shaped baits to effectively target the mole population
  • Setting traps: Can be used as a standalone solution or along baits when you have a more severe mole problem
  • Mole repellents: Utilizing 100% natural repellents that keep the moles away and are safe for your kids, pets, and plant life

We Have an Efficient Solution For Your Garden Mole Situation

There is no single solution for garden mole control, despite the variety of home remedy suggestions out there. But you can minimize the visible damage to your lawn and spare the root systems by reducing the amount of turfgrass and do some landscaping with pathways, rocks, flower beds, etc.

Maybe the most efficient solution for garden mole removal is trapping. The best time to set mole traps is in the spring and fall, especially after a rain. But given the elusive nature of the garden moles, trapping is a tedious and difficult process that’s better left to professionals with experience. And of course, we know how to treat the trapped moles in a humane way afterwards. We cover all ZIP codes in Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Elk Grove Village and Niles.